Affordable Crowns and Bridges in Melbourne

In need of restorative dentistry? At James Peter Dentist we specialise in restoring the health and appearance of your teeth. All of our dentists are qualified and experienced in cosmetic and restorative dentistry and our clinics are dedicated to providing you with a perfect smile, at an affordable price.

What Are Dental Crowns & Bridges?

A Dental Crown is a custom-made cap that covers a single tooth. Designed to restore the function and aesthetics of a damaged tooth, Dental Crowns are typically recommended when a traditional filling cannot repair a tooth to a high standard, or when the tooth is so badly damaged it requires additional support and protection to prevent the tooth’s removal.

Dental Bridges are used to replace missing teeth. An artificial tooth is anchored to neighbouring teeth via one of two methods:

  • Traditional Bridge – Crowns fixed to neighbouring teeth that anchor an artificial tooth in position.
  • Maryland Bonded Bridge – The artificial tooth is secured via two small wing-like metal attachments.

The alternative to a Traditional or Maryland Bridge is an Implant Supported Bridge, which is secured to the jaw using a Dental Implant. This process is covered in more detail on our Dental Implants Melbourne page.

How Long Are Crown and Bridge Procedures?

Both Crowns and Bridges require two appointments with your dentist to complete the procedure.

For Crowns, the biting surface of the tooth is reduced in size in the first visit. Aiming to remove a bare minimum of the tooth structure through a non-invasive procedure. Scans are taken of the tooth which is sent to our Dental Laboratory who fabricates the crown.

A temporary tooth-coloured crown is placed while we wait for the next appointment. At the second visit, the dentist removes the temporary crown and tries in the permanent crown. If the colour and fit are correct, the crown is cemented permanently.

During the initial visit to have a Bridge fitted, the teeth either side of the gap are prepared similar to a receiving a crown. Scans are taken of the area which is sent to our Dental Laboratory who construct the bridge.

Temporary caps are placed over the prepared teeth while we wait for the next appointment. The second appointment involves removing the temporary caps and trying in the bridge. If the colour and fit are correct, the bridge is cemented in place permanently.

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