Do you only visit the dentist when you have a sore tooth?

Do you only visit the dentist when you have a sore tooth?

Waiting to go to the dentist until you have a sore tooth is a bit like only taking your car for an oil change when it starts to run rough. A little problem, has become a bigger problem.

The aim of regular dental checkups is to avoid big problems altogether, by picking up on them in the early stages, when they can be treated far more easily.

Just like a car needs a tune-up, our teeth benefit from a tune-up in the form of a good clean by a dentist. There’s only so much that a toothbrush can do, which is why dentists have a choice of more advanced tools for the job –And they’re trained to use them! There is also only so much that you can see of your teeth in a bathroom mirror.  A dentist’s expert pair of eyes can spot decay from near impossible angles as well as gum issues. Further to this, problems not immediately clear to the eye and a dental mirror can be revealed on xray.

But time is a critical factor in maintaining good dental health. If you stretch out your dental clean appointments there’s likely to be more plaque buildup for the dentist to remove. Regular cleaning at an interval of six months is less invasive than cleans that are years apart.

Some people change their cars every few years. Remember, your adult teeth are for life, so take good care of them and they’ll serve you well. If your teeth are in need of a little TLC (Tender Loving Clean), don’t despair. Make today the day you adopt a good habit.